From: Masao Adachi
Subject: my answer is OK
Date: July 4, 2012 11:40:26 AM GMT+02:00
To: Eric Baudelaire


First of all, I agree to participate in the collaboration you have proposed. The ideas are already racing in my head… Let us review the procedure you presented in your last message: I will know the screenplay in its entirety, you will only receive it in Beirut just before the shoot. You know the “structure” of the script and its opening premise, but you do not know in which direction, nor how, it will evolve.

As I see it, the script will be composed of two parallel stories. The first is about the encounter of a somewhat lost woman who cleans the trash from a beach in Beirut, and a terrorist who likes to go for a run on the beach at dawn. Their itineraries and preoccupations overlap. They are about to fall in love, but…

The second story shows a group of men and women who meet in an abandoned warehouse during the war. Outside, the fighting is growing more intense, and the militants who are gathered in the shelter plan a terrorist operation. The shelling approaches in a frightening way…

The taciturn woman and the terrorist of the first story are part of this group, but it is unclear whether the first story precedes the second, or whether it is the other way around… 

Good luck!

Adachi Masao

The Ugly One 2013
Colour, 5.1 surround, 1:2.39
101 minutes