Death Passed My Way and Stuck This Flower in My Mouth, an exhibition at Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen with several new bodies of work made during the past year’s lockdowns, including a spatial video installation in which the flower – real and metaphorical – serves as a starting point for exploring this moment of global crisis. From September 11 to November 28.
When There is no More Music to Write is an upcoming two-person exhibition with composer Alvin Curran, at Spike Island in Bristol (UK) in the Spring 2022. Curated in collaboration with music historian Maxime Guitton, the exhibition includes a new film commission exploring how Curran’s life and work intersects with the radical political movements emerging in Italy in the 1970s. The film is co-produced by Bergen Kunsthall, and will be part of a group show there in the Winter 2022.
A forthcoming film about time running out and how to live through the days that remain. A Flower in the Mouth is freely adapted from a play by Luigi Pirandello about a man with a flower-shaped tumour on his lip who accosts a traveller in an all-night café. Their seemingly mundane conversation becomes a metaphysical monologue as the man, feeling death upon him, clings to life by scrupulously observing its activity, tracking reality in every detail, as if to fill the gap between himself and the rest of the world. Starring Oxmo Puccino and Dali Benssalah.
For the past ten years, Éric Baudelaire's work has been based on a dynamic where his activity as a filmmaker and his activity as a visual artist feed off each other. Although his films exist in their autonomy, they are also at the heart of exhibitions where the artist brings together his own works, the works of others and archival documents, where he organizes screenings, performances and public debates within the institutions that host his shows. Conceived by Paraguay Press in close collaboration with the artist and graphic designer Pierre-François Letué, FAIRE AVEC · TO DO WITH is the first monographic book to retrace how this dynamic developed between 2011 and 2021. It is built around two major texts by Erika Balsom, a researcher and critic specializing in experimental and documentary film, and Marcella Lista, head of the New Media collection at the Centre Pompidou: two transversal views of Baudelaire's work that respectively address his cinema and his curatorial practice, in order to better unfold a work on the border between the two.
Un film dramatique in theaters across North America, released by Cinema Guild.