Shibuya Crossings, Tokyo, photographed from Starbucks 2F on 04/27/08 between 11am and noon 2008
A 6 × 7 cm color negative on a light table, a series of 40 × 50 cm photographs, an archival box, a protocol stipulating that a new print will be added to this portfolio each time it is exhibited.

The portfolio comes with an original negative and a set of nine interpretations of that same negative by nine different printers, each made without any indications from the artist. The variations between the prints express the latitude between a matrix (the negative) and various interpretations of that matrix (the prints, which are all quite different) expressing the space for singularity within the analog photographic process.

Every time the piece is shown, new prints must be added to the series, each made by a different printer. The work continuously grows with time, expressing subtle variations •